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Pope Francis meets with members of the Deloitte Global consulting firm

Pope Francis met with members of the international consulting firm, Deloitte Global.

During the audience, the Pope asked them to work responsibly because the world has suffered a lot recently with the crisis of 2007, the COVID pandemic, and now with the war in Ukraine.

By cultural responsibility, I mean two things: ensuring adequate professional quality as well as anthropological and ethical quality that enables you to suggest responses consistent with the evangelical vision of the economy and society, in other words, with Catholic Social Teaching.

On the same day, Pope Francis met with a delegation of the Premonstratensian religious order for the 900th anniversary of their founding. The Pope also spoke to them about the economy—telling them to be careful when it comes to managing money.

One cannot serve two masters. "Either you serve God —and I expected him to say 'or the devil,' no, he doesn't say the devil—God or money." The idolatry of money.

Economics has been the central theme of the Pope's recent audiences, leading up to his trip to Assisi this weekend for "The Economy of Francis" event.