Remembering the Roe v. Wade repeal with film on the conversion of the “Abortion King"

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The film Roe v. Wade criticizes the ruling of the 1973 Supreme Court case: it claims that it was based on falsified data, media speculation and economic interests. 

Director, Roe v. Wade
I like to say Roe vs Wade in America, everyone has heard of it but nobody really knows how it was decided, how it got to court, and what the intricacies were.

I thought somebody needed to tell it. I also feel that maybe nobody told it because nobody realized how interesting it was until they did the research. It was sort of a known court case, but the story wasn't really known, and I think until you actually dug in and did the research behind it, that´s when it became fascinating.

The film tells the story of the conversion of Bernard Nathanson, one of the most renowned abortion doctors of his time. He was the driving force behind the abortion movement in the United States, which led to the passage of the Roe v. Wade law in 1973. It was later repealed in June 2022. 

Director, Roe v. Wade
The topic of abortion is highly controversial so I think it will get beyond the court complexities, and the story we told really was an emotional journey of one man and his journey to find out the truth. I think that may resonate with some of the Spanish viewers instead of looking at it from a legal perspective.

His path is a real emotional journey which is more than a political or legal one.

In addition to directing the film, Nick Loeb played Nathanson—someone with whom he shares a similar past.

Director, Roe v. Wade
I think for me there were a lot of similarities between Bernard and myself. You know I went through a similar journey that Bernard did.

I was able to, you know, reflect on that playing the character. Which I thought was extremely exciting to do so. But again it was still a challenge. Bernard is a multidimensional character, with ups and downs, he´s funny, and he goes through tragedy and drama; so being able to play that was very difficult.

Based on true events, Roe v. Wade strives to shed light on the decision and repeal that remain at the forefront of the abortion debate in the United States.


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