Pope Francis calls faithful to rediscover adoration: “it frees us, restores us to dignity”

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Pope Francis arrived in the city of Matera, Italy for the conclusion of the 27th National Eucharistic Congress. He was immediately welcomed by cheers as he passed through the crowds in the popemobile. 

During his homily, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of the Eucharist in daily life. He reminded the faithful that the sacrament challenges everyone to put God first and foremost at the center of their lives.

Let us remember this: he who worships God does not become a slave to anyone. He is free. Let us rediscover the prayer of worship, a prayer that we often forget, to adore, the prayer of adoration, let us rediscover it. It frees us and restores us to our dignity as children, not slaves.

Reflecting on the Gospel parable of Lazarus and the rich man, Pope Francis spoke against the marginalization and injustices facing so many people today, challenging them not to become indifferent to the poor.

Dear brothers and sisters, it is painful to see that this parable is still part of our present days: the

injustices, the inequalities, the inequitably distributed resources of the earth, the abuse of the powerful against the weak, the indifference to the cry of the poor, the abyss we dig every day generating marginalization, all these things cannot leave us indifferent.

For the preparation of the altar for Communion, families brought the Eucharistic gifts to the Pope, where he was able to greet and bless some children. 

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, President of the Italian Bishops' Conference, offered words of gratitude for the Pope's visit.

Thank you for this effort that you give willingly and always with a smile for being with us. You are truly an example for all.

The Pope then presented the cardinal with a chalice for the city and Pope Francis blessed an image of Mary and Jesus.


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