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Madrid's soccer team traumatologist visits Pope Francis for his knee problems

In an interview with the Spanish radio station COPE, the head of the Medical Services of Atlético Madrid, Spain's professional soccer team, revealed that he examined Pope Francis' knee. 

The traumatologist's name is José María Villalón. He explained that the idea to make a visit came from the Bishops' Conference and the Nunciature, who have been looking for experts who could help the pope. 

Dr. Villalón pointed out that Pope Francis suffers from an arthritic condition that affects several joints. This process sometimes begins to affect just one, but ends up impacting the rest because the others are "overburdened." 

The doctor said the Pope is "nice" but "stubborn." He explained that there are surgical procedures that Pope Francis does not want due to the postoperative recovery he experienced after the operation in July 2021.

In my case it is not possible to operate. The technicians say that there is the problem of anesthesia. More than 10 months ago I underwent six hours of anesthesia and there are still remnants. You don't play around, you don't joke with anesthesia. And this is why you think it is not at all convenient.

Although this was the first visit, Dr. Villalón is optimistic about Pope Francis' possible recovery.