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Rome Reports

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Father Angel visits the Pope: "He is a shepherd with his feet on the ground and who continues to dream"

The president of the Spanish NGO, Messengers of Peace, Father Ángel Rodriguez, traveled to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. After the meeting, he said that they talked about the human and the divine.

Messengers of Peace

Pope Francis is a true pastor, who continues both to have his feet on the ground and to dream.
We spoke about normal things, everyday things—man's problems, war, the problems of those who are far from the Church or who we have distanced from the Church.

Fr. Ángel has visited Pope Francis so many times he has lost count. But he knows it has been more than ten times. He also saw the Pope on his trip to Jordan. In this meeting in Rome, Fr. Ángel gave him a red scarf like the one he is known to wear.

The two also talked about being welcoming and about homelessness—two problems that Pope Francis has focused on throughout his papacy. Fr. Ángel said Pope Francis follows the work the Messengers of Peace do.

Messengers of Peace

He had already known her for many years. From Buenos Aires, where we had also been. And he encouraged us to continue. After 60 years he said to continue with this work, which is the work of the Church. That it is the work of all of us.
He is a true messenger of peace. I mean, how many times does he go out to this balcony to give those messages of peace and to ask that please stop the war.

Founded in 1962, Messengers of Peace is a Catholic-inspired association that helps various vulnerable groups. Especially children, refugees and homeless people.