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Pope Francis sparks enthusiasm in the people of the D.R. Congo: "Say no to corruption"

The Pentecost Martyr's Stadium in Kinshasa overflowed with joy as more than 65,000 voices welcomed Pope Francis. It was a meeting unlike any other on a papal trip.

The stadium filled with music... and attention-grabbing dresses.

Those present were mainly young people and catechists. Pope Francis dedicated a long reflection to them, based on five points: the importance of prayer, honesty, forgiveness, service and love for one's community. 

When he spoke of honesty, the stadium erupted into cheers.

All together we say no to corruption.

The Pope recalled the example of young people like Floribert Bwana Chui, only 26 years old, murdered for not accepting corruption in the city of Goma. 

If someone extends an envelope to you, promising favors and riches, do not fall into the trap. Do not be deceived. Do not be swallowed up by the swamp of evil. Do not be overcome by evil.

Pope Francis also asked everyone to take a moment to pray in silence and to remember those who had hurt them in order to take the first step to forgiveness and moving on. 

His words and presence touched the hearts of the Congolese people and they welcomed it with enthusiasm.