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Pope Francis on UN conference: "Water must not be wasted or be a reason for war"

Pope Francis dedicated a few minutes of his General Audience to the importance of saving water. He said that he will pray for the success of the second United Nations Conference on Water, taking place in New York. 

Today is World Water Day. The words of St. Francis of Assisi come to mind: "Praise be to my Lord for this holy water, which is very useful, humble, precious and pure." In these simple words we hear the beauty of creation and an awareness of the challenges involved in caring for it. Right now, the second United Nations Water Conference is taking place in New York. I pray for a successful outcome and hope that the important event will accelerate initiatives on behalf of those suffering from the scarcity of water, a vital resource. Water cannot be wasted, abused or used as a cause for war, but must be preserved for our benefit and for the benefit of future generations.

The conference is from March 22 to 24. It will address issues such as the right to clean water in Bangladesh, Iraq and in Canada for indigenous communities in Canada.