Spanish author argues that “Christianity is not liturgical nonsense”

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Oriol Jara is a Spanish author and TV scriptwriter, who has worked on numerous Spanish programs. A year ago, he published Ten Reasons to Believe in God, a book where he explains how he converted to Christianity after discovering the rational aspects of the faith.

Author, Ten Reasons to Believe in God

I try to make people understand that Christianity is not liturgical nonsense. Christianity has a valuable liturgy that helps us understand how God works. But it is also a cultural, intellectual tool. Some of the most brilliant minds, like St. Augustine, converted and St. Augustine is not a fool. He is one of the five great Western thinkers in human history.

Jara is convinced that being a Christian will save the world. And he says it already happened 2,000 years ago. That is why he explains his conversion story and uses it to help people struggling with their faith. 

Author, Ten Reasons to Believe in God

To everyone who says, 'I believe in the faith, but I struggle with the Church...' Go to Church. Go every day, but at least every Sunday. Talk to the parish priest after Mass. Learn about his life, his mission, his work, and what the Church does each day in neighborhoods and cities all over the world. It will amaze you.

The author of Ten Reasons to Believe in God shares his personal story in the book. He says that his conversion has really changed his life. One of the titles of a chapter is, “I am a Christian because I am a sinner.”

Author, Ten Reasons to Believe in God

The greatest Christian role model for me has been my wife, Aitana. I have seen what it means to love like a Christian and unconditionally.

Jara argues that Michelangelo painted the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel and Caravaggio the vocation of St. Matthew because the Church believed in them. Both had difficult personal lives, but the Church did not excluse them because of it. Jara believes the Church saw the value of their witness in their works and that this part of the Church's mission continues today.

Author, Ten Reasons to Believe in God

There are many Christian artists, screenwriters, directors and actors and the Church should reach out to them. There are many talented Christian people who can do great things. I think it is a process that the Church needs to lead.
The local dioceses and the Church as a whole should take the reins and say: 'Look, we are going to spend millions on communication because it is evangelization. And we are going to put it in the hands of lay people—young, talented people who will do things that are theologically correct, but that will change the way people see us. But that is the idea.”

Oriol Jara believes that the way to living a happy life is found in the Bible, which calls all people to be joyful and serve others.


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