"The message of Guadalupe cannot be used for ideologies or to make money"

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The Vatican celebrated one of the most important days for Latin Americans with a Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, accompanied by the voices of this choir.

Since Pope Francis was diagnosed with lung inflammation almost two weeks ago, this is the first important liturgical celebration he has attended. The Pope did not miss this traditional celebration in honor of the Virgin known as "la morenita", which is one of the most venerated Marian devotions.

Pope Francis gave a homily that was shorter than usual, barely three minutes long.
In it, he recalled the miracle of the roses, when Our Lady asked St. Juan Diego to pick some flowers that would later be imprinted on his tilma or cloak.

If you look at the message of Guadalupe, Our Lady's words: “Am I not here as your mother?” take on a new meaning. This “being” of the Virgin. That “being” is to remain permanently imprinted on those poor clothes, perfumed by virtues gathered in a world that seems incapable of producing them.

The Pope also stressed that the message of Guadalupe cannot be used to promote ideologies or for profit.

The image, the tilma, the roses. These are the message. So simple, without glitter, together with the certainty that she is my mother, who is here. And this message defends us from so many social and political ideologies with which, so often, this Guadalupan reality is used to justify, to support and to make money. The Guadalupan message does not tolerate ideologies of any kind. Only the image, the tilma, the roses.

St. Peter's Basilica was filled with pilgrims from Latin America to celebrate this special feast. At the end of the Mass, the song, "La Guadalupana", rang throughout the Basilica.


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