“Oscars” of Catholic cinema names Fulton Sheen documentary as finalist

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What is considered by some to be the “Oscars” of Catholic cinema has selected the film “Follow that Bishop!” as one of three finalists for Best Documentary. More than 2,000 productions from around the world were submitted for this year's Mirabile Dictu Catholic Film Festival.

“Follow That Bishop!” unveils the documents the FBI declassified regarding the popular American bishop, Fulton Sheen. The government agency feared that this bishop's success on television and outspokenness on communism could be a threat.

Produced by Rome Reports under the direction of Seàn-Patrick Lovett, this documentary showcases the influence and intellect of the late bishop.

Co-director, “Follow that Bishop!”

First and foremost, it is just hugely exciting even to be nominated out of so many wonderful entries coming from all over the world. And when you do a documentary, when you start thinking about what you want to do, the fact that we chose Fulton Sheen, really I think for two reasons. First of all, because after so long, he still is such a great example of what a Catholic communicator should and could be. And secondly, because he is such a marvelous example for younger generations because he speaks from the heart rather than from the head.

In the face of the FBI's suspicions about Fulton Sheen, his cause for sainthood made its way to the Vatican. The documentary uncovers the miraculous healing of a child that is attributed to the intercession of Bishop Sheen. It was recognized by the Vatican and is advancing his process of beatification.

“Follow that Bishop!” will be presented this March in New York City, in a premiere presided over by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The film is available to watch on Rome Reports Premium and was made possible by the Advancement Foundation of the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas.

WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY HERE: https://www.romereports.tv/videos/follow-that-bishop


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