What happened at the Vatican during Pope Francis' spiritual retreat?

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Life at the Vatican far from slowed down during the week that Pope Francis spent on retreat doing his Spiritual Exercises.

Just prior to the retreat, three cardinals wrote a letter to the German bishops stressing the Vatican's call to postpone the bishops' vote to create a synodal committee. Pope Francis has cautioned against this project before.

Sometimes I feel great sadness when I see a community that with good will, but mistakenly, thinks to make the Church based on gatherings, as if it were a political party. The majority, the minority…

During the week, the Vatican also announced the theme for the 110th World Day of Migrants and Refugees: “God walks with his people.” This year, September 29 will mark the day dedicated to remembering those displaced from their homes due to violence, persecution and economic challenges.

September 17, 2023

It represents a challenge that is not easy as we see also from current news reports, but it's one that must be faced together as it is essential for everyone's future, which will only be prosperous if it is built on fraternity, putting human dignity first, concrete people, especially the most in need.

Throughout the week, the preacher of the Papal Household, Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, gave minute-long reflections through social media to connect people with the Pope and Roman Curia members on their retreat.

The Cardinal also gave his first Lenten sermon at the end of the week. Pope Francis usually attends these reflections with other members of the papal household. However, he was not present for this sermon.


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