How one woman's unplanned pregnancy led to helping 40+ others choose life

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She was 23 years old, single and excitedly starting her career after a move to Los Angeles. But then Alexa Leitgeb found herself in an unplanned pregnancy.

Initially, getting an abortion was not an option. But pressure from friends started to roll in and Alexa scheduled an appointment, seeing it as the only way out.


I was essentially just kind of going numb, thinking like, “I have get the abortion I just have to get it and I have to just get it over with and try not to ever think about it again.”

It wasn't until the day before her abortion appointment when two friends simply told her that she can be a mother.


It was just such a pivotal moment because I had pulled this door shut in my mind of “I can't do this.” And someone was telling me you can.

Alexa cancelled her abortion appointment and her difficult but joyful road of being a single mother began. Now, she helps other women who find themselves in the same situation.

Through her website titled Back in February, Alexa shares her story and motherhood tips as well as her contact information for women who may need advice, support or mentorship in their unplanned pregnancy.


I really try to just really mentor them out of a place of love and not any sort of pressure. I focus on emphathizing with the fear and affirming that with them because that's real and I experienced it myself. But then also trying to glimpse the joy that they can't see.

And of the over 40 women whom she has mentored, every single one has chosen to keep their baby. She says it is not her, but God working through her.


I usually just fall to my knees and just thank God because it is just so amazing. And I'm also just so excited for them because they don't even know at that moment, the joy they are going to feel.
I've never, ever, ever had a woman give birth to her baby and ever think or say, “I wish I would've had an abortion.” That just doesn't happen. And statistically, we know that that doesn't happen.

Alexa is now a wife and mother of two and continues to be available for women from all walks of life who find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies.


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