Apple tree in Vatican Gardens memorializes first family to be beatified together

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The first family to be declared blesseds all together now have an entire year dedicated to them.

Ambassador of Poland to the Holy See

This year is very special because we have the 80th anniversary of their death. This year was created in Poland by the Polish Parliament like a year of the family Ulma. And this is a first and very important step.

The Vatican has also joined in the celebration for the year dedicated to the Ulmas—a family of 9 killed for hiding Jews from the Nazis. A special memorial now stands behind St. Peter's Basilica to remember this family. In a ceremony attended by Cardinal Parolin, an apple tree the father of the Ulma family had cultivated 80 years ago is now in the Vatican Gardens.

The commemoration involves placing a monument, a living monument that produces authentic fruit, symbolizing the fruits borne by the blood of these martyrs. We feel truly amazed at the testimony of this family.

Ambassador of Poland to the Holy See

I always when I am thinking about them, I'm always saying that this was a typical and absolutely unbelievable family. They lost their lives because they tried to help and they gave what they could give. They lost their lives.

March 24 marks the 80th anniversary of their martyrdom and a program has been planned to name the Ulma family as patrons of their home region in Poland.


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