6,500-mile Eucharistic pilgrimage marks historic moment for Church in the U.S.

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A historic moment is on the horizon for the Catholic Church in the United States. For the first time, a 6,500-mile Eucharistic pilgrimage will take place across the country. On four routes—from California, Conneticut, Texas and Minnesota—teams will carry the Eucharist all the way to Indianapolis to kick off the National Eucharistic Congress. And the pilgrimage as a whole is motivated by a special “why.”

VP Programming & Administration

The “why” is to bring the Lord to the streets of the United States. One, to pray for revival in our country. And two, to provide people who would not have an opportunity to encounter the Lord through their parish, through the revival efforts that have been taking place, who wouldn't be able to come to the Congress and really take Jesus to the marginalized, the lost, the broken, the hurting, outside of the walls of the parish so people can have that encounter with our Lord.

The pilgrimage teams from each of the four states will walk an average of 15 miles per day, with each day looking a little bit different.

VP Programming & Administration

Some days there will be mini processions that will happen within various cities and towns, some evenings there will be nights of revival where there will be Eucharistic Adoration and a message, possibly confessions, depending on what the dioceses and parishes have set up. Every Saturday there will be a service project within the local communities where the pilgrims find themselves.

Local churches across the United States have volunteered to help make this pilgrimage possible with hope that it will signify a moment of renewal for the Church in the United States.

CEO, National Eucharistic Congress

There's places across the world where both walking pilgrimage and processions for feast days are more common and it has not been as typical, at least recently, for the church in the United States.

This Eucharistic pilgrimage aims to bring the spirit of the Congress to those who may not be able to attend. And this mission is so important to the U.S. bishops that they want nothing to stand in the way of people joining.

CEO, National Eucharistic Congress

The bishops themselves stood up with a million dollars in scholarships for those especially with financial need is now available that people can apply for today if finances are an obstacle in getting to the Congress.

The Eucharistic Pilgrimage will start on May 16 from the four locations and finish on July 16 for the National Eucharistic Congress—the first one in the United States in over 80 years.


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