Pope emphasizes to Buddhist monks: “We can only be saved together”

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After a full weekend in Rome for the first ever World Children's Day, Pope Francis continued his busy schedule the following day.

One of his seven meetings of the day was with a delegation of some 100 Buddhist monks from Bangkok. During his address to them, the Pope reflected on the Buddhist-Christian symposium that was held last year in Thailand. He reiterated one of the themes of the symposium, saying, “No one is saved alone, we can only be saved together.” And encouraged the monks to continue this mission in everyday life.


I urge you to work together with everyone: civil society, members of other religions, governments, international organizations, academic and scientific communities and all other interested parties to promote a friendship that sustains peace and fraternity and builds a more inclusive world.

Along with this meeting, the Pope also sent a telegram to the people of Papua New Guinea, expressing his condolences and spiritual closeness following the landslide that has buried alive more than 2,000 people.

On that same day, the Pope also met with the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona, alongside his wife and three daughters. The President gifted Pope Francis a handmade rosary.

This is a rosary made in Larimar. This stone is unique in the Dominican Republic. These are Larimar; semi-precious stones. How beautiful in light blue tone. They are only found in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic.

The two discussed the Catholic Church's contribution to the Dominican Republic in the fields of education and charity and renewed their commitment to continuing their longstanding bilateral relations.


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