From Jimmy Fallon to the G7: Pope Francis' packed schedule this Friday

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Friday, June 14 marks a fully packed day for Pope Francis. He will start his morning with an audience with over 100 comedians that includes U.S. stars like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.
At 11:30am, Pope Francis will takeoff from the Vatican via helicopter and land in the Italian region of Puglia for the G7 summit. The attendance of a pope at this event is unprecedented. There, he will speak on artifical intelligence—a topic that has been on the forefront of Francis' papacy. Last year, he delivered this message to developers of artificial intelligence:

I would therefore encourage you, in your deliberations, to make the intrinsic dignity of every man and woman the key criterion in evaluating emerging technologies; these will prove ethically sound to the extent that they help respect that dignity and increase its expression at every level of human life.

At the G7 summit, attendees include the leaders of seven of the world's most advanced countries—like U.S. President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron.

This summit in Italy involves six working sessions that are focused on topics like Ukraine, economic security and development and migration in Africa.

Pope Francis is scheduled to return to the Vatican from the G7 summit on Friday at 8:30pm.


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