Sudden dismissal of Vatican bank no. 3 representative

While Pope Francis is in Asia, there are more problems within the Holy See. The no. 3 representative of the Vatican bank was fired and escorted out the door on Monday afternoon

His name is Giulio Mattietti, and he was the deputy director. Now, his name doesn't even appear on the official Ior website.

The reasons for Mattietti's sudden dismissal are still unknown, and the lack of explanation has raised suspicion. 

According to several sources, the firing is due to possible administrative irregularities, which are being investigated to check for criminal ramifications

In June, another high-ranking official at the financial transparency operation, auditor-general Libero Milone, was dismissed. 

It appears Pope Francis' economic reform is not running smoothly. In any case, the process is already providing results. In 2015, 544 suspicious operations were reported; in 2016, less than half as many, 207.

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