Lent Calendar wants youth to “fix eyes on Jesus” through cell phone screens

While it's customary for Christians to abstain from guilty pleasures during the season of Lent, the Archdiocese of Sydney doesn't want people's cell phones to be one of the vices included. Instead, in the ninth edition of its XT3 Lent Calendar, the diocese aims to help the youth find someone special through their mobile screens. 

Digital Media Manager, Archdiocese of Sydney

“Well, this year the XT3 Lent Calendar focuses on the theme 'Fixing our eyes on Jesus.' We've created some vox pop video interviews with youth ministers from Sydney, Australia, and some videos on fresh youth ministry ideas. Also, the Lent Calendar features stories on Catholic agencies helping the poor and vulnerable in our world and how we can help them in those mission projects.

In addition to the new features, there are a few mainstays from previous editions, such as a door opening each day to reveal the corresponding Gospel reading, scripture quotes to reflect on and small acts of penance.

After drawing nearly 22,000 users from around the world in 2017, Lent Calendar creators hope to reach even more young people this year. Those looking to prepare for Easter can download the app for free on Apple and Android devices.

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