Rome Reports

ROME REPORTS (RR) is a private and independent international TV news agency based in Rome, Italy, specializing in covering the Pope and the Vatican.

With its ethnically diverse and talented team of journalists, producers, cameramen and editors, the agency instantly offers the latest news from Rome as well as a half-hour Weekly News Program. We also produce high quality documentaries.


 With a potential global audience of more than 1 billion, ROME REPORTS produces extensive coverage on all issues related to the Church. From papal addresses to current social, political, economic, cultural debates taking place in and around the Vatican.

Our journalists provide Correspondent services complete with live or taped stand-ups to broadcast stations according to their editorial guidelines, using their microphone logos. The Agency also offers technical support (cameramen, producers, lights, workspace, editing rooms, transmissions, etc.) to travelling crews from any station. We also provide Graphic design and Website construction services.

Our team

Antonio Olivié
Seàn-Patrick Lovett
Presenter and International Department Director
Javier Romero
News Director
César Espoz
Executive Producer
Alberto Segundo
Marketing and Development Director
Sofía Alas
Marketing and Community Manager
Francesca Pierluca
Administration Director
Annalisa Tiberti
Administration Assistant
Carmen Álvarez
Journalist and correspondent
Paola Arriaza
Journalist and correspondent
Kielce Gussie
Journalist and correspondent
Anneliese Taggart
Journalist and correspondent
Arturo Anastasio
Camera operator
Stefano Villani
Digital Editor
Francesco Liberatore
Digital Editor

The nearest to the source

ROME REPORTS office location is only a few meters away the Vatican press office. Our proximity to the source helps us present the latest news with the necessary experience and depth.