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New documentary shows the social side of Bishop Álvaro del Portillo

Marí­a Estela Larisyacá lives in the Guatemalan High lands, where many live in extreme poverty and barely any schooling.  The right tools were necessary in order to improve the quality of life for women like her who are trying to raise their families.  This is a goal that is sought after by the Ixoqi Training Center, which was born thanks to Bishop ílvaro del Portillo.  MANUEL SíNCHEZ Office of Communications, Opus Dei (Rome) "He always tried to find solutions and encouraged the people of Opus Dei in so many countries to develop, to put in place concrete solutions to look for, to elevate the dignity of work for so many people around the world. His work was integration, social integration.â? The documentary "Working for Others with ílvaro del Portilloâ? shares the stories of people like Marí­a Estela.  The documentary journeys not only through Guatemala, but also Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile.  As the first successor of St. Josemaria Escrivá as prelate of Opus Dei, he sought much more than just mere justice in each one of his projects.  MANUEL SíNCHEZ Office of Communications, Opus Dei (Rome) "He reminded the people of Opus Dei and so many others that making donations wasn't enough to solve the problems with poverty. Justice needed to be made. He also reminded us that justice, without charity, without loves, is very dry.â? "Working for Others with ílvaro del Portilloâ? will be available on YouTube and on Opus Dei's website.  It is directed by Argentinian Juan Manuel Ezratti, who is known for his documentary "Francis: A Pope among the peopleâ?. PM/JAE AA/Trabajar para la gente VM -PR Up: YJA