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Rome Reports

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What Pope Francis has already said about the Ecology...and what he could say next

The Pope's second encyclical will be on the Ecology. In the past few months, the Pope has given a few hints here and there on what the document will include.  Back in November, he said the following to a group of Italian boy scouts.  POPE FRANCIS November 8, 2014 Meeting with Catholic Scouts "In our time, we cannot ignore the Ecology. It's vital for the survival of mankind. Nor can we reduce the issue to a purely political matter. This carries, a moral dimension that affects everyone. No one can afford to disregard this.â?  The Pope has also talked about the connection people automatically have with Mother Nature and how this, strengthens humanity as a whole.  POPE FRANCIS November 20, 2014 Visit the FAO headquarters in Rome "When human beings become aware of the fact  that, they too, are part of the design of Creation, they're able to respect one another mutually, instead of fighting against each other, which damages and impoverishes the planet.â?   His call to respect Mother Nature goes hand in hand with the need to reject a throw away culture, which has been a major theme of his pontificate.  POPE FRANCIS November 8, 2014 Meeting with Italian Catholic Scouts "Living in close contact with nature, as you do, involves not only having respect for it, but also the commitment to aid it.  Specifically to eliminate the waste of a society that increasingly tends to dispose of goods that can still be used or that can be donated to people in need.â?  The environment is also a source of employment and societal development. The Pope, too has made this connection clear.  POPE FRANCIS October 28, 2014 Meeting World People's Movements "It's logical: There can be no earth, there can be no ceiling, there can be no work if we don't have peace and if we keep destroying the planet.â?  As a whole, the Pope has called for Christians to recognize that they don't own the planet, but rather that they are part of it.  POPE FRANCIS November 1, 2014 Mass in the Verano Cemetery "We  humans have the capacity of devastating Mother Nature, perhaps even more so, than Apocalyptic Angels. This is what we're doing. This is what we're doing. We're destroying Creation, life, cultures, values and even hope.â?  The Pope's new encyclical will be published in early 2015. Given the topic, it's expected to be relevant to both believers and non-believers.  AC/KLH  CTV SV -BN Up: GRT