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FC Barcelona joins Scholas, Pope Francis' education initiative

Although it isn't San Lorenzo de Almagro, Pope Francis' favorite team, the colors are the same. And Pope Francis can now add one more to his collection. The President of FC Barcelona gave this shirt to Pope Francis. It has his name written in Catalan. It happened toward the end of the fourth Scholas World Congress, an educational network driven by the Pope. JOSEP MARIA BARTOMEU President, Football Club Barcelona "We are the first club in the world that has joined this ambitious project. Surely many more will come. But we are very proud to be first. It also says a lot about what it means to be a club, right?â? However, a thorny issue has tarnished the club's happy moment. Its president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, faces criminal charges. He stands accused of having tampered with club funds. JOSEP MARIA BARTOMEU President, Football Club Barcelona "On Friday I have to go to Court. I will give my explanation, I will answer all of your questions because I have nothing to hide. I think the truth will come out.â? Controversy aside, the meeting marked the beginning of what will likely be a long collaboration between the club and the educational initiative. As a symbol of this alliance, an olive branch will be planted in FC Barcelona's stadium for the next championship.  AC/ATO AA VM -PR Up:AC