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Rome Reports

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The class St. Augustine would have had at the Vatican

It sounds like a dream vacation: Live in the heart of Rome for three months. Visit Cascia, Tuscany, and Milan. Learn about history and religion from top-notch theological lecturers.  But this is no vacation: It's an annual course sponsored by the Augustinian Spirituality Institute.  FR. ROBERT GUESSETTO, OSA Secretary of the Commission for the Institute of Spirituality "We bring friars from around the world to study the theology of St. Augustine, the spirituality of St. Augustine, some of the history of our order.â? For years, members of the Order of Saint Augustine had desired more resources to help friars understand their own spirituality. And so the Augustinian Spirituality course was born about five years ago. Father Robert Guessetto directs the program, which draws from the expertise of several presenters and lasts for three months. Students learn from two different presenters each week. FR. ROBERT GUESSETTO, OSA Secretary of the Commission for the Institute of Spirituality "Some of the experts are our own Augustinian professors from the institute here, the Patristicum. Others come from around the world, they're teaching in our other schools or are writers.â? The students also visit churches in Rome and Augustinian sites throughout Italy, including the site where St. Augustine's remains are venerated. Twenty-two friars and religious sisters came from Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa to take part in the program this year. SR. FLORA KARIMI  NJERU, AM  Student, Augustinian Spirituality course "My favorite part of the program are these visits that we are having to the historical Christian sites, and the Augustinian sites, as well. For me, it is a kind of connection between what I have heard theoretically and now I see what it is in practice.â? FR. JOHN GRACE, OSA  Student, Augustinian Spirituality course "It's been very inspirational for me to hear all the expertise from the actual professors here. It is just absolutely phenomenal. I'm really, really enjoying it.â? This year's course is offered in English, but Spanish and Italian are also available in alternating years. ATO AR S -PR Up:ATO #World