Rome improves Church management through new formative course

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In February 2018, the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross will begin a formative course teaching management instruments for the Church, including economics, finance, business ethics and social teaching.

The Program of Church Management will instruct leaders from all over the world at the request of the Vatican and Pope Francis. 

Vice Director, Program of Church Management
“It really comes from Pope Francis, and Pope Francis is really interested in the Church being exemplary around the world in living out the social doctrine of the Church. Recently Pope Francis himself has blessed our program and told us, 'Avanti, cosi,' Go ahead, just as you're doing.”

The professor said many priests now spend the bulk of their time in office duties, instead of hearing confessions, saying Mass, giving spiritual counseling, etc. The idea of this course is to help them delegate certain jobs to lay people who have been educated in these Church management roles.

Vice Director, Program of Church Management
“So we've had the challenge from the beginning to have as much of an impact worldwide as fast as possible. We're a start-up operation and we're an academic operation in an university in Rome, where things tend to move slowly, but we're trying to move fast to get these tools into the hands of the Church worldwide.”

With professors coming from many countries, they are hoping to have about 40 students participating. They already have students signed up from Tanzania, the Solomon Islands, Australia and all around Asia and Africa.

Vice Director, Program of Church Management
“It's wonderful to hear the personal stories as we are interviewing the candidates of what they are looking for in this program and of their own experience already in the past, both of mismanagement and of sound management in the Church. It's wonderful to see how the Church worldwide is desirous to respond to Pope Francis' call for this reform.”

The two-year program still has a couple spots available before classes begin next year and students are then sent out to bring the expertise they gained in Rome to their respective countries.

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