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Young composer brings Advent to life with new jazz sacred music CD

For the first time The Dynamic Catholic Institute is ministering with music, acting as the record label for a new Advent CD, O Emmanuel. The music is performed by the Chicago-based Fifth House Ensemble, Notre Dame Children's Choir and the composer, JJ Wright's, jazz piano trio. Thus, it combines a small chamber orchestra of strings and woodwinds with piano, bass and drums. JJ WRIGHT  O Emmanuel, Composer "Sacred music is very important to me. I grew up Catholic, I grew up going to church every Sunday, and engaging with the music, and always hoping that I could do something to make the music in the Church great. It's a really complicated sort of area, but I've worked to figure out how to be a composer, how to be a pianist, how to be a conductor.â? His music unites the ancient traditions of sacred music, creating a new style for the Christians and Catholics of today.  He draws upon the O Antiphons for the last seven days of Advent, weaving the texts in and out, alongside the Gregorian Chants that were originally set with the words. JJ WRIGHT  O Emmanuel, Composer  "This music is specifically created to take people through Advent and to really understand what Advent is all about in the Church. What the season's about, how it can help us prepare for Christmas. And also, how we can use the season to grow in our own lives.â? While it is sacred music, he composed it in an accessible way, to draw people in and attract those who are not necessarily religious, in addition to those who already know the season of Advent well. JJ WRIGHT  O Emmanuel, Composer  "My hope is that we can sort of create a renewal of sacred music in the Church, with excellent music. Music performed in a world-class way, music that is engaging for modern people, music that is based out of the tradition of Catholic sacred music.â? In participating with the Notre Dame Children's Choir, he expressed the importance of establishing the importance and significance of sacred music, so the future generations of the Church can gather an appreciation for the hymns that will carry with them throughout life.  MB AA/Dynamic Catholic SV -PR Up: AQ