Catholic musicians share transformative power of sacred music

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“Delante de la Cruz” (In Front of the Cross) is Fundación Canto Católico's latest release. Like all their musical arrangements, it is well-thought-out and meaningful. “Delante de la Cruz” captures the walking motion and pain of Jesus' torturous ascent to Calvary carrying the cross.

Fundación Canto Católico
“This is reflected throughout the song, in the lyrics and in the melody, which moves upward. And the cello part arrangements, which counterpoint each other, also reflect this walk. They also ascend. The notes move in an upward direction. They too reflect this ascent to Mount Calvary.”

It's part of Fundación Canto Católico's fundamental mission: to serve the Church by bringing people closer to God through music.

That's why they created a free app with a digital songbook containing lyrics, chords and sheet music for over 300 musical arrangements.

Fundación Canto Católico
“This project was thought out for ministers of liturgical music, as a way to help them in their ministry. It's meant to be a learning tool to help with formation, and also as a very practical tool for rehearsals; and to have access to sheet music, voices and all the material one might need to carry out such an important liturgical ministry as best as possible.”

Fundación Canto Católico was founded in Chile by a group of friends with a desire to communicate the Catholic faith in a concrete way. Their music videos have reached millions of people all over the world.

Fundación Canto Católico
“One person, after watching a video, the “Adoro te Devote,” which talks about the mystery of Jesus in the Eucharist, wrote to us and said, 'Thank you so much. I owe my conversion to you. Since watching this video, I have visited Jesus, present in the Eucharist, every day.' These responses not only fill our hearts, but they fill our work with a lot of meaning.”

Fundación Canto Católico brings together professional and amateur musicians who continue to attest to the importance of sacred music in the life of the Church. Their free digital songbook and other resources are available on their website.


Fundación Canto Católico

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