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60 musicians come together to launch ambitious Catholic musical project

60 artists from 17 different countries have virtually come together to perform the famous Catholic song "Nadie te Ama Como Yo," or “No One Loves You Like I Do” by Costa Rican singer Martín Valverde.

"It's one thing to fish with a rod, that is a sport, but it's another thing to fish with a net, and that's what being a Church is."

Gathering 60 artists for a virtual recording session is no easy task, but the result was extraordinary. Martín Valverde says he was particularly thrilled to record his song with musicians from Cuba.

"Certainly there was a delay in the recording, and a hold up in their response, but they were able to respond without a problem, and they were extremely happy about it. I think for our production, although we've done some things with Cuba in the past, it felt strange to be able to do it in such a high-tech way for the first time, since now on the island they have a some form of Internet or WhatsApp."

The video is meant to bring a sense of peace and comfort to those who watch it during the pandemic. 

"It is clear that the Word of God is firm on that. He is more than a vaccine, He is a universal cure when He says: 'where there is love there is no fear.' The music then comes to be the instrument that brings us to that decision, to that discovery, and for many to that Epiphany".

“No One Loves You Like I Do” is one of the most popular songs of Catholic music in Latin America. A generation after its release, it remains as popular as ever.

Daniel Diaz Vizzi