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How the lives of the saints can inspire musicians

Marisol Carrasco is an interior designer and Catholic singer-songwriter from Panama.

“My main objective is to communicate the Good News of Jesus through my music. A message of love, peace and a lot of hope, especially in these difficult and very uncertain times.”

And it was precisely this message that she shared in 2019 when she wrote the lyrics of “Oh Jesús,” a song performed for World Youth Day in Panama.

“Since I started, when I was 14 actually—now I'm 28—music has been a very important part of my life, because it has allowed me to channel my faith experiences, and not only within the Church, on a pastoral level, or among other Catholics, but also in my daily life.”

She often draws inspiration for her songs from the lives of the saints. In fact, the song “San Pablo” is among her favorite works.

“It's a song to which many people in the Church, many Christians, can relate. Missionaries above all can identify with it because it talks about both joy and sadness, both moments of strength and struggle. These are things St. Paul experienced, and that we all experience as well.”

She hopes to launch her next album in 2021. The goal will be to bring listeners closer to God through prayer.


-Marisol Carrasco