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Singer Celines Diaz gave up fame to worship God through her music

At 10 years old Celines Diaz wrote her first song. Since then, she has spent her life on stage. Diaz started out her career writing mainstream music, and in 2001, she signed an international record deal. However, she quickly realized that something was missing in her life. After attending a spiritual retreat, she decided to sing for God. CELINES DIAZ Singer/Songwriter "I was dedicated to secular music. But during the retreat, my experience with God, with his forgiveness and his love, was so great and wonderful. I discovered that Jesus is alive. Since that moment, I wanted to give him my life, which is my music.â? Each year, Diaz and her band tour throughout the United States and Latin America, using her lyrics and music to spread the Word of God. CELINES DIAZ Singer/Songwriter "For 2014, we're working on launching our second album, 'God is loyal.' We are very excited, very happy to be able to share everything that God has given us these years. We want to use our music to share it.â? With a packed performance schedule, Diaz hopes to be able to keep spreading joy and optimism with her songs, for many years to come.  AFP/RCA Celinés FA -PR Up:AC