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Pope's Mass: Sometimes the Church's bureaucracy distances people from God

During his Thursday morning Mass, Pope Francis explained that any Christian who wants to evangelize properly should be obedient to God's will and grace, as well as open to dialogue. POPE FRANCIS "You canâ??t evangelize without dialogue. Itâ??s impossible. Because you must begin with where the person who is to be evangelized comes from. This is so important.â? The Pope regretted that sometimes bureaucracy within the Church is an obstacle to those who want to get closer to the grace of God. SUMMARY OF THE POPE'S HOMILY (Source: Vatican Radio) "He, Philip, he obeys, heâ??s docile and accepts the calling from the Lord. Certainly he left behind many things that he ought to have done, because the Apostles in that period were very busy evangelizing. He leaves everything and sets off. And this makes us see that without this docility or meekness before the voice of God nobody can evangelize, nobody can announce Jesus Christ: at the very most he will be announcing himself. Itâ??s God who calls us, itâ??s God who starts Philip on that road. And Philip goes forth. Heâ??s docile.â? "You canâ??t evangelize without dialogue. Itâ??s impossible. Because you must begin from where the person who is to evangelized comes from. And this is so important. â??But father, we waste so much time because every person has his or her own story, he or she comes with their own ideasâ?¦â?? And, time is wasted. More time than God wasted when he created the world and He did it well. Dialogue. Spend time with that person because that person is who God wants you to evangelize, itâ??s more important to give him or her the news about Jesus. But according to who he or she is, not how it should be: how he or she is right now.â?  "Letâ??s think about these three moments of evangelization: the docility to evangelize: to do what God is requesting." AP/KLH  CTV VM BN UP