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Pope to UN Sec. General: Resist the economy of exclusion and the culture of death

POPE FRANCIS "Nice to meet you.â? BAN KI-MOON United Nation's Secretary General  "It's a great honor to meet you again.â? Pope Francis met with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon in the Vatican. But it was more than just a one on one meeting. The Pope actually addressed a full room of executives who lead different UN agencies, funds and programs.  First, the Secretary General said a few words.  BAN KI-MOON United Nation's Secretary General  "We represent the family of the United Nations. We meet in a time of test for the human family.â?  In his speech, the Pope called for an economy of inclusion that helps the poor and marginalized, adding that a lot more work still needs to be done.  POPE FRANCIS "In the case of global political and economic organization, much more needs to be achieved, since an important part of humanity does not share in the benefits of progress and is in fact relegated to the status of second-class citizens.â? He also highlighted the need to resist the  throwaway culture and the culture of death. All of which, he said,  run the risk of becoming passively accepted.  POPE FRANCIS "The dignity of each of our brothers and sisters whose life is sacred and inviolable from conception to natural death must lead us to share with complete freedom the goods which Godâ??s providence has placed in our hands.â?  As a gift, Ban Ki-Moon gave the Pope a crystal platter. Before heading out, he invited the Pope to the UN.  BAN KI-MOON United Nation's Secretary General  "I hope you will be able to visit the UN as soon as possible.â?  KLH  CTV -VM -BN Up:RCA