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What impact does divorce have on a family?

A new study shows that the break up of families not only has negative consequences on children, but also on society. The University of Stockholm launched the Families and Societies project, aimed at promoting initiatives in support of the family. PABLO GARCIA RUIZ Families and Societies "What we have done is to summarize the main conclusions from recent studies. What are the main conclusions? Well a couple's divorce does in fact have a large impact on the well being of their children.â? But it's not just about the children. According to the report, broken families have less economic and human resources to care for weaker family members, like the sick. As a result, Families and Societies advises governments to keep these groups in mind. As far as preventing a divorce, sometimes caring for the weakest in the family, like the sick, children and the elderly, strengthens the family bond as a whole.  PABLO GARCIA RUIZ Families and Societies "So taking care of others, obviously helps the sick, and those in need, but it also strengthens family ties. To the extent that the family becomes more of a unit and its bonds are reinforced.â? By strengthening family ties, the elderly will not feel abandoned, and the young will feel more secure.  According to the study, divorce can also trigger problems in school and low self esteem among.  PABLO GARCIA RUIZ Families and Societies "It can trigger a series of problems in the child. In the long run these negative consequences are not something that just concern the child and his family, but ultimately it also touches on public policy.â?  The conclusions gathered by Families and Societies are grim. They're based on 150 studies done by European universities on the topic. Organizers highlight that in order for the government to help, the first step is to outline the problems modern day families are facing.  JRB/RCA MG/RR VM -PR Up: PM