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On a Mission to Find 'Mary's Land'

This isn't your average movie... -You're late -I'm sorry about that -Since when are you paid to feel? An undercover officer, is given a specific assignment. People are having a change of heart, and his mission is to find out why.  -Who leads the group? -They talk about a Father, a Son, and they also mention a woman, whom they refer to as Mother.  That Mother, of course, is the Virgin Mary and the film titled 'Mary's Land' has a specific purpose.  JUAN MANUEL COTELO Mary's Land, Director   "It's a movie about finding God through Our Lady.â? Juan Manuel Cotelo is the director of the film. He describes it as part documentary, part fiction. In it, he interviews people, not actors, from all over the world, who actually experienced a spiritual conversion, and Our Lady played a key role in all of it.  "I heard a voice that was so sweet and so motherly.â? "The voice came, it was feminine, direct to me: Why are you hurting? I thought I was losing my mind.â?  Every conversion story is unique, since no two people are the same. But the director says there are common elements in all of them: surprise, resistance and eventually consistency.  JUAN MANUEL COTELO Mary's Land, Director  "So we talk to people who have lived without God for many many years and now they have God in their lives. They can compare their lives before and after.â?  Of course, there's an even bigger question in all of this, about personal experiences,  society and ultimately about life.  JUAN MANUEL COTELO Mary's Land, Director  "So the question is, how are things going for us? Has it been the right choice to take God out of our families, our education, our hobbies, culture, economics and politics? If things are going well, let's keep it that way, but I think that if we're honest with ourselves,  the reality across the globe, is that something is missing. The courageous question to ask is, 'were we wrong to take God out of the equation?'â? The film was already shown in Spain. Starting on June 8th, the list of countries will also include Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Argentina and the U.S. European countries include  Italy, Hungry, France and Poland....and in the Middle East, Qatar.  Specific screenings are listed on the film's website, www.maryslandmovie.org KLH/MAE INFINITO MíS UNO VM -PR Up: MZ