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They are back! Destiny's Child sings 'Say Yes'

This catchy tune by American artist Michelle Williams, former member of Destiny's Child is all about Jesusâ??and it's inspired by a Nigerian song. "When Jesus say Yes, nobody can say no.â? Michelle Williams, along with Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé, topped the charts with Destiny's Child in late 90's.  Years passed and to the  disappointment of their fans, the group parted ways. Now, they're back together, even if it's just for this single. The song sends out a clear message about hope and God.  "I'm not worried 'bout a thing Cause I know You are guiding me Where you lead me, Lord, I will go I have no fear cause I know who's in control.â? They liked the lyrics from the start and so they decided to make their own version, that could be well described as a singing prayer. MICHELLE WILLIAMS "I'm so excited that I have my sisters here with me spreading a positive message to the world.â? BEYONCÉ "This song is so inspiring and there's not enough music out there like this and Iâ??m proud to be a part of it.â? KELLY ROWLAND "Is so infectious and I think the world needs to hear it.â? Titled 'Journey to Freedom,' the last album of Michelle Williams will be released in September. Inspired by a personal experience, Williams encourages everyone to become the great person they're called to be. MAE/PM/KLH  MICHELLE WILLIAMS VM -PR Up: YJA