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Helping Persecuted Christians

Christian persecution is a reality thousands of families are facing.  From being forced to flee their homes, to being limited in the practice of their faith, it's a reality that's been played out in many countries, from Asia and Africa to the Middle East. STEPAHNIE DOLE Barnabas Fund "Itâ??s very difficult or if their children, sometimes they canâ??t even go to school. Of if they are a family trying to support their family itâ??s so hard to do because they get the worse of the worse jobs.â? In Pakistan for example, Christians are often targeted. From indirect oppression to out right abuse.  STEPAHNIE DOLE Barnabas Fund "Girls get kidnapped a lot in Pakistan. I think there are over 700 cases a girl, every year how are kidnapped and forced to convert to another religion.â?  Among the organizations helping these persecuted Christians, is 'Barnabas Fund.' It helps support Christians who suffer from discrimination, oppression or direct persecution because of their faith.  Through financial support, it backs different programs that empower Christians in marginalized communities. Everywhere from Pakistan and China, to Irak and Uganda.  The support can include basic needs like food, shelter, medicine and disaster relief services, to managing orphanages, constructing parishes and educating Christian leaders.  One of their main goals is to not only help Christians surviveâ??but also thrive.  KLH  RR/UN Feed FA -PR Up: MAE