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Rome Reports

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A journey on Rome's Tevere River

A boat along the river can be a relaxing experience...or it can turn into a real party. The calm waters of the Tiber have never been this hectic before.  Domenico and Simona are the captains of this boat on the River which thanks to the music and atmosphere offers its passengers a trip back to the 60s and 70s.  DOMENICO Director, River Track "The idea was to have a party that combines, music, food, good wine and the most beautiful sites in Rome. So that's why we decided to mix all these elements on the journey.â?  As the sun starts to set, the crew starts rehearsing to make sure everything is right to welcome the 70's back.  It's only been two months since it began, but even so, the team has already witnessed a long list of unforgettable moments.  SIMONA Director, River Track "There was a very shy couple sitting in a table by themselves. During the course of the evening they began making friends and started loosen up a bit, even dance. At a certain point there was a moment of euphoria and cheers.  The man asked her to marry him.â? And although it may seem tailored for avid tourists, local Romans have surprisingly embraced the festive boat ride as well.  SIMONA Director, River Track "It was made for tourists but we saw that even Romans appreciate this side of the city which is difficult to discover. I think they value the atmosphere that exists here, which is basically a big party.â?  TOURIST "I've never in my life been on a boat in Rome, but from here you can see the  city through a different perspective that is much more moving than walking through the streets.â? With views like these, it's not surprising that tour has been a success.   There's fun, music and everything in between in the Eternal City.  AC/JAE MG JM -PR Up: PM