Pope at Santa Marta: â??Love your enemies without fearâ?

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In his homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis said that in order to be a good Christian, one must love their enemies without fear. 

''Lord, give me the grace to become a good Christian man, a good Christian woman, because I can't do it.�At first, it's frightening, frightening. But not after we read the Gospel and read a second, a third, a fourth time, chapter 6 of Saint Luke.�

The Pope also explained that Christian life is a gift and that to follow Jesus we must have a merciful heart. 

Source: Vatican Radio

'â??But Fatherâ?? [one might say], â??I donâ??t feel like behaving that wayâ??. â??Wellâ??, [one might reply], â??if you donâ??t feel like it, thatâ??s your problem, but thatâ??s the Christian way.â? This is that way that Jesus teaches us. â??And what can I hope?â?? [one might ask]. Go on Jesusâ?? way, which is the way of mercy. Be merciful as your Father is merciful. Only with a merciful heart can we do all that, which the Lord counsels us to do â?? all the way. The Christian life is not a navel-gazing one. It is a life in which one gets out of oneself in order to give oneself to others. It is a gift, it is love â?? and love does not turn in on itself, it is not selfish, but self-giving.â? 

'This is the Christian life. â??But Father, this is folly!â?? one might say. â??Yesâ??, one might answer, â??it isâ??. We have heard in these days, though, St Paul, who said the same: the foolishness of the Cross of Christ, which has nothing to do with the wisdom of the world. â??But Father, to be Christian is to become some sort of fool?â?? [one might ask]. â??Yesâ??, [I would say], â??in a certain sense, yes. It means renouncing the cunning of the world in order to do everything that Jesus tells us to do and that, if we do the sums, if we balance the ledger, seems to be against us.â? 

'Here then arises the problem that we all must face daily: â??Lord, give me the grace to become a good Christian, because I cannot do it on my ownâ??. This is something quite frightening at first glance â?? quite frightening, indeed. If, however, we take the Gospel and we read the 6th chapter of St. Luke â?? and reread it and reread it and reread it â?? and let us do so â?? and let us ask the Lord for the grace to understand what it is to be a Christian, to understand the grace He gives to us Christians, as well, because we cannot do it on our own.' 


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