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Though world hunger reduces, one in nine people suffer from malnutrition

805 million people in the world suffer from malnutrition. These are the dramatic figures of the UN's new report on the state of food security.  Despite those figures, the report also stated that access to food has improved due to economic progress, particularly in Asia and Latin America.  The report concluded that in order to eradicate hunger, countries must foster a favorable environment with an integrated approach.  JOMO KWAME SUNDARAM  FAO Assistant General Director   "Inclusive growth is probably the key. Growth is important in terms of increasing in camps more generally as well as increasing food production. But in addition to that, it has to be inclusive. In other words, people must be able to afford to be able to buy the food they need.â? The report also states that in order to reduce malnutrition, a strong political commitment is essential.  JOMO KWAME SUNDARAM  FAO Assistant General Director "Political commitment at the highest level is crucial. Food security and nutrition tends to fall among several stools so when there is clear national leadership on addressing food security and nutrition, it makes a huge difference.â? Reducing hunger in developing countries is a step closer to reaching the Millenium Development Goal of lessening by half the number of undernourished people by 2015.  As of now, 63 developing countries have achieved this goal and 6 others are close to reaching it. But there is still much to do in order to make hunger a memory of the past.  YJA/JAE FAO -FA -PR Up: JAE