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What's the fondest memory of your family? Synod participants respond

The beauty and challenges of family life are being discussed in the Vatican, by bishops, married couples and experts from all over the world.  But before their studies, degrees or vocations, came their own personal experience at home, with their own families.  ARCH. CARLOS AGUIAR RETES  Archdiocese of Tlalnepantla, Mexico "For me, it was seeing the respect my parents had for one another and the love they shared.â? Along with the unequivocal connection of family, there are of course unforgettable moments.   FR. ADOLFO NICOLíS Superior General of the Jesuits  "I don't have any sisters, we're all boys. Every Sunday our parents would take the four of us out before lunch.  It's an unforgettable memory I have.â?  CARD. OSCAR RODRIGUEZ MARADIAGA  Archbishop of Tegucigalpa (Honduras)  "We all had a very happy childhood and adolescence. I think the faith our mother had in the Blessed Virgin Mary is the most beautiful memory.â?  Since women are also taking part in the Synod, they too shared what family life and the home means to them.  MARíA LACALLE NORIEGA Expert, Spain  "Without my family, I don't know where I'd be. I was very lucky because not only was I born into a great family, it was also a large, happy and united.â?  ZELMIRA BOTTINI DE REY Expert, Argentina "For 44 years, my husband and I have walked along this journey together. There have been great moments and not so great moments, but thank God, most of them have been good.â?  Here it's not just about theory, but about real life experiences about what makes family unique.  AC/KLH  RR  NR -PR  Up: YJA