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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis at General Audience: What is our hope as Christians?

A medieval army with flags, drums and trumpets welcomed Pope Francis as he began the General Audience.  "Thank you!" During his catechesis, the Pope explained what Christian hope is. He said that the Church waits for Christ's return as a wife waits for her husband, from whom she will never seperate.  POPE FRANCIS "Do you believe this? I don't think so...do you believe? Shall we repeat it together three times. And we shall be always with the Lord. And we shall be always with the Lord. And we shall be always with the Lord.â? The Pope added that Christ united his future to that of humanity. For this reason, he said, when Christ returns, the Church will be transformed into a "new Jerusalemâ? where peace will reign. POPE FRANCIS "It will be the tent of God! And in this glorious framework there will be no more isolations, abuses and distinctions of any kind, neither social, ethnic or religious. Instead we will all be one thing in Christ.  Lastly, the Pope asked Christians to be "credible and joy-filled witnessesâ? of this hope so that the Church continues to illuminate the world.  PM/JAE CTV FA -BN Up: PM #Pope