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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis at the Angelus: Love of God and love for our neighbor are inseparable

Divine Law can be summarized in the love of God and love of our neighbor. These were the words of Pope Francis during yesterday's Angelus prayer. Pope Francis said that brotherly love and the love of God are inseparable and complement each other because they are "two sides of the same coinâ?. POPE FRANCIS "You cannot love God without loving your brothers, and you cannot love your brothers without loving Godâ?. The Pope insisted that religious life and prayer cannot be separated from the relationship with neighbors and brothers because "love is the measure of faith, and faith is the soul of loveâ?.  He also highlighted that it is every Christian's mission to "care for the weak, such as foreigners, orphans and widowsâ?, since God can be found in them. POPE FRANCIS "Because in the face of every brother, especially the smallest, the most vulnerable, defenseless and needy, is the image of God. And we must ask ourselves: when we meet one of these brothers, are we capable of recognizing in him the face of God?â? Pope Francis also congratulated pilgrims from the Schí¶nstatt Movement, who have gathered in Rome to celebrate their 100th anniversary. CA CTV VM -BN -Up:JRB#Pope