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Pope to open conference on importance of marriage between a man and a woman

Just a month after the Pope concluded the Synod on the Family, the Vatican is hosting an inter-religious conference on the importance of marriage. It's a way to engage in a deeper conversation about the compatibility between a man and a woman.   HELEN ALVARÉ HUMANUM Vatican Conference  "People talk about the failure of this relationship, they talk a lot about sex, but they donâ??t really talk about its absolutely fundamental essence.â? The conference is titled 'Humanum.' From November 17th to the 19th, it will bring in more than 350 people representing 14 religions. Among the 40 speakers is Pope Francis. It will be a platform to look at how marriage ties into a healthy society, anthropology, and religion.  HELEN ALVARÉ HUMANUM Vatican Conference  "Some of the major aspects of marriage. Itâ??s beauty. Itâ??s difficulties. Itâ??s openness to children, itâ??s importance to civil society.â? "What is God trying to tell us about God, about ourselves, about the meaning of our lives that humanity comes in two sexes that are drawn to one another. Deeper conversation about marriage.â? While the highs of marriage will be touched on, organizers say, the conference will also look at the realistic challenges that often rise between a husband and wife. Even further, it will delve into the increasingly blurred lines between genders.   HELEN ALVARÉ HUMANUM Vatican Conference  "The relationship between a man and a woman has become, I would say, confused or obscured. There is a loss of a sense that itâ??s a basic part of understand oneâ??s self to have a relationship with the opposite sex, whether one is going to marry or be single or religious.â?  The conference is more than just talk. On its website, www.humanum.it  there's a series of videos on the importance of marriage between a man and a woman and why this union is crucial to society. During the conference, additional videos will be shown.  KLH AA VM -PR Up: MPI