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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Are you making good use of your God given talents?

During Sunday's Angelus, Pope Francis reflected on the parable of the talents, where God gives every person gifts, that are meant to be put to good use.  POPE FRANCIS "Talents are the heritage God trusts us with. Which heritage? His Word, His Eucharist, Faith in God the Father, His forgiveness... So many things. His greatest treasures. Jesus doesn't ask us to keep His grace in a safety box. None of that. He wants us to use it to help othersâ? The Pope invited Catholics to reflect on how they've used their talents, or if they've even used them at all.  POPE FRANCIS "And what have we done? Who have we shared our faith with? How many people have we inspired through our hope? How much love have we shared with our neighbors?â? For example, the Pope invited pilgrims to learn to forgive and to reconcile with people.  The Pope also referenced recent tension between local citizens and immigrants in several European cities. Especially after an altercation in a Roman neighborhood triggered even more clashes and even violence.  POPE FRANCIS "I invite institutions on every level to assume as a priority this social emergency. If it's not addressed promptly and accordingly, the situation can worsen." The Pope made Roman parishes available for citizens to meet with immigrants and local institutions to try and lessen the tension through dialogue.  JMB/KLH  CTV VM - BN Up:KLH