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Children's book takes kids on an adventure in Assisi

The city of Assisi is famously known as the birthplace of St. Francis.  Thousands of pilgrims flock to the medieval city to visit holy sites from the Church of St. Damiano where St. Francis received his first call to rebuild the Church to his final resting place.  Assisi is also known for its beautiful landscape and peaceful atmosphere.  All those characteristics are now captured in a children's book entitled "Adventures in Assisi: On the Path with St. Francisâ? written by author Amy Welborn. The story follows two cousins who learn about the important moments of the life of St. Francis from their great uncle, a Franciscan friar.  Illustrated by Ann Kissane Engelheart, the book captures the essence of Assisi's landscapes, taking readers on a journey with the three characters through the city's shrines and holy places.  Their adventure through Assisi gives children a better understanding of the love, simplicity and humility of St. Francis that made him one of the most beloved saints in history.  JAE RR SV -PR Up: MPI