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Pope to Volunteers: Don't use the poor to make money

Drum rolls greeted Pope Francis as he walked in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall. It was an audience between the Pope and a large group of Italian volunteers who fight against poverty and social exclusion. They are members of the Federation of Christian Organizations for International Volunteer Service.  In his speech, the Pope thanked them for their work.  POPE FRANCIS "It's quite necessary to give witness to the value of gratuity. The poor should not be used to make a profit.â?  He then explained that poverty makes itself present in more ways than one. He then called for solidarity.  POPE FRANCIS "It's about fighting against the structural causes of poverty: The lack of social equality, the lack of work and of housing. Also, the rejection of social rights for workers.â?  Once he gave his address, the Pope also took time to greet some of the 5,000 participants from the group, which is actually the biggest of its kind in Italy.  PM/KLH  CTV VM -BN Up:PM #Papa