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New Argentinian Ambassador to the Holy See Eduardo Valdés, presents credential letters to the Pope

Eduardo Valdés is Argentina's new ambassador to the Holy See. He's already presented his credential letters to Pope Francis. Valdés, who was accompanied by his entire family, is an Argentine politician, chief of staff of the Foreign Ministry between 2003 and 2005 . "He is my son Martin.â? "I saw the other day at the audience.â? "Yes, I gave you a soccer jersey.â? "Go and give the Pope a kiss.â? Among the guests were the family of Alicia Oliveira, the judge who Pope Francis protected during the Argentinian dictatorship. "This is my godson.â? Even though it's no very common, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin attended the reception after the meeting with the Pope. EDUARDO VALDÉS Argentinian Ambassador to the Holy See "I would like to thank you, on behalf of all the Argentinians and Latino americans, the recent success in re-establishing diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S.â? CARD. PIETRO PAROLIN Vatican Secretary of State "I want to wish you best luck with your mission. May it truly be a mission that help strengthen the friendship between the Holy See and Argentina, a mission that may promote peace and welfare in the world, that may help bring walls down, like Pope Francis says, and build bridges.â? JULIíN DOMíNGUEZ President, Argentinian Chamber of Deputies "On behalf of our President, I must remember that your he is the first Argentina's Ambassador to present his credential letter to an Argentinian and Latino American Pope. Something never seen before.â? It wasn't the first time Eduardo Valdés met with the Pope. He was the person who took Maradona to Casa Santa Marta and introduced him to Pope Francis. Among his priorities, there's one that takes all his attention: having Pope Francis visit Argentina in 2015 or 2016. JMB/PM AA-CTV SV - BN Up: AC