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Taking prayer with you... New phone app makes it possible

Prayer was never limited to a weekly Sunday Mass. Now, a new app helps users pray at work, at home and even when commuting! With 'Click to Pray', all you need to pray is...that's right: a click. "Click to prayâ?  is a phone app that encourages users to pray for the Pope and his intentions, for family and friends. Its creators are proud to have given prayer a different beat. JUAN DELLA TORRE  Click to Pray "Users can find short and simple prayers they can say in the morning, evening and before going to the bed. The goal is to always keep God in mind.â?  They say prayer can make everyday special, despite how different each day may be.  The app automatically updates and changes its design and logo! It also invites users to pray everyday for a different person.  JUAN DELLA TORRE  Click to Pray "The app gives users the Pope's monthly intentions. â?  "We also have a social network where users can upload their own intentions, prayers and greetings. That way,  we develop a community of prayer where users give each other mutual support.â?    Pope Francis himself blessed the app the day it was launched. "Click to Prayâ? is only available in Portuguese, but it has already been downloaded 10,000.  MPI/PM/KLH  SV -PR Up: GRT