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Pope: When it comes to communication, go back to the basics, starting with your family

Pope Francis is calling on Christians to reflect on their  families as a way to make communication more humane. In fact it's part of his message for this year's World Communication Day.  The text reads: "In the family, we learn to embrace and support one another, to discern the meaning of facial expressions and moments of silence, to laugh and cry together with people who did not choose one other yet are so important to each other. This greatly helps us to understand the meaning of communication as recognizing and creating closeness.â? The Vatican invited this married couple, which has five children, to delve into the message.  CHIARA GIACCARDI Universití  del Sacro Cuore (Milan)  "The Pope is asking us go back to basics, which is all about communication. It's about mutual conversation and hospitality, which is how we learn to communicate.â?  MAURO MAGATTI Universití  del Sacro Cuore (Milán)  "Communication improves within the family when we can use our bodies, gestures and movements where words aren't enough. It may be a hug or a kiss. These are all important communication factors. In essence, the Pope is inviting us to embrace all dimensions of communication in our families.â?  But every family has its challenges, for it's within the family, says the Pope, where one understands their own limits and those of others. The statement goes on to say that a 'perfect family does not exist. We should not be fearful of imperfections, weakness or even conflict, but rather learn how to deal with them constructively.'  The tone of the message surprised some, because usually the Pope gives practical tips for those who work in the media. But this time around, the approach was more anthropological.  MSGR. CLAUDIO MARIA CELLI Pontifical Council for Social Communications "I think what the Pope is inviting us to do, is to re-discover the human approach of communication instead of the technological one. It goes to the root of communication.â?  CHIARA GIACCARDI Universití  del Sacro Cuore (Milan)  "The Pope is a great communicator, but not because he goes around studying this or that gesture. Rather, it's just because he loves people. He expresses this loving side without words.â? The three page document also includes tips so that children can learn how to talk positively about others. Also how to use social media to ask for forgiveness and to respect the point of view of others.  JMB/KLH  AA JM -PR    Up: PM