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Rome Reports

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Yes, I will give your handmade rosary to the Pope...

The rain, the cold, and even being in a wheelchair were no obstacle for this woman. Fuesanta López Orengo traveled to Rome with one goal in mind. To give Pope Francis a hand-made rosary. Now she can say, mission accomplished. FUENTESANTA Lí?PEZ ORENGO "I gave it to him, he took it and blessed it. He also blessed my husband! It was a beautiful experience.â? It happened during the general audience at the Vatican's Paul VI Hall. A group of 45 people took a  pilgrimage from the Spanish city of Murcia to Rome.  It was here amid the thousands of people that Fuensanta, was able to give the Pope a rosary. It was extra special because it was made by an elderly woman from her hometown parish. She promised, she would give it to Pope Francis.   FUENSANTA Lí?PEZ ORENGO "She is an old woman, who knitted the rosary especially for the Pope. Actually, I'm using her wheelchair now, because I was in an accident some days ago and I didn't have one. Thanks to her I'm here. So I gave her rosary to Pope Francis.â?  Now she can't wait to see her friend's face when she goes back home.  FUENSANTA Lí?PEZ ORENGO "She won't know what happened until we get home. She is an elderly woman who is ill and she has always supported all Pontiffs and that of course includes Pope Francis.â? Now a trip to the Vatican, a rosary and her friendship, will be part of a story she shares for years to come.  MPI/PM/KLH  MG/AA SV -PR Up: GRT