Pope: 3 steps to follow God's Will

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In his Tuesday morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about the will of God. He said prayer is key for Christians to discover what God wants and then to carry it out.  

'To pray to understand God's will in our lives and the decisions we must make on....so many things. On ways to manage situations...Prayer to follow the will of God and prayer to understand God's will. Then thirdly, when we recognize God's will, we must pray, to carry it out.�

He then added that following the will of God turns Christians into a family. Among those in attendance was the Archbishop of Granada, Spain, Francisco Javier Martinez. He is in the Vatican to inform in the investigation of ten priests accused of sexual abuse. 

(Source: Vatican Radio) 

'The opposite began in Paradise with Adamâ??s failure to obey.  And that disobedience brought evil to the whole of humanity.  And sins too are acts of disobedience towards God, of not doing Godâ??s will. The Lord teaches us instead that this is the path, there is no other one.  And it begins with Jesus in Heaven, in his desire to obey the Father.  But here on earth it begins with Our Lady: what did she say to the Angel?  â??Let it be done to me according to your wordâ??, namely that Godâ??s will is carried out.  And with that â??Yesâ?? to the Lord, our Lord began his journey amongst us.â?

'Do I pray that the Lord gives me the desire to do his will, or do I look for compromises because Iâ??m afraid of Godâ??s will?  Another thing: praying to know Godâ??s will for me and my life, concerning a decision that I must take nowâ?¦ there are so many things. The way in which we handle thingsâ?¦. Praying for the desire to do Godâ??s will and praying to know Godâ??s will.  And when I know Godâ??s will, praying again for the third time, to follow it.  To carry out that will, which is not my own, it is His will.  And all this is not easy.â?

'The Lord grants His grace to all of us so that one day He can say about us  the same thing  that He said about that group, that crowd who followed Him, those who were seated around Him, just as we have heard in the Gospel: â??Here is my mother and my brothers and sisters.  Whoever does the will of God is my brother, my sister and my mother.â?? Doing Godâ??s will makes us become part of Jesusâ?? family, it makes us his mother, father, sister, brother.â?


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